Lost Inflight Productivity/business trip

Airline seating MODEL has not changed in 80+yrs
Avoiding Seat Roulette WITH enhanced security” . . .

Approved USA patent #: 9, 904, 894 B2

“Relative Seating” with Valuation Metrics
Additional Patent Portfolio:

Flynxx Platform for Optimizing Inflight

  • Networking Choose WHO you sit beside
  • Security & Privacy
  • Health

* Morphogenesis:

1) Chaos to Social Self-organization,
2) self-organizing structures based on signals/ (preferences) resulting in relevant behaviors

CNBC 25 Years of Airline Innovation

Airline Security

2011 First Official Pitch for Flynxx

CEO visit to whitehouse

original board members

Advisor Board Members

Counter-terrorism expert
Hollywood Movie of him catching the worst Double Agent
in USA – “Breach”
DocSpace (Fndr) – $800 Millon Exit
PlateSpin – $205 Mil Novell Exit
Board: Cdn. Instit 4 Advanced Research
Top 100 in 100 yrs – Alberta
Top 10 in tech (Silicon Valley)
Canadian Top 40 Under 40

Marc Rosenberg  Former Airline Exec

Dusty Fisher Exec Commitee IEEE

Kevin massengill  20 Year  Military

Competitive Matrix

Industry Competitive Matrix

“Competitive Companies (Airlines, Social Network, Conference Event Management Companies), trying some aspect of social seating on board airplanes.

Detailed Feature Lists of core competitors

  • Seating model
  • biz model
  • Data model
  • Patent
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Security
  • Partnership
  • Flynxx is the only company that has a USA approved patent to address issues of social seating